Pevo Futsal Goal Series (Indoor)


Pevo Official Futsal: Official Futsal goal constructed of lightweight 2″ x 4″ rectangular aluminum tubing with rounded corners. Includes 2” round aluminum backstays with durable aluminum castings.  This powder coated goal comes with a net and StayNet fasteners, a galvanized steel ground bar, and bungee-balls for attaching the net to the ground bar.  Goal rests on base plates with rubber pads for indoor use.

Pevo Park Series Futsal Goal: All aluminum construction.  Lightweight 3” round tubing with built-in channel for net attachment.  Goal is constructed in a similar fashion to our Channel Park Series, albeit built to Official Futsal dimensions.  Rubber pads on bottom for indoor use.  Includes 3mm net with Channel net fasteners.

Pevo Practice Futsal Goal: Built of lightweight 2” square aluminum tubing.  Includes net, push-button assembly, surface pads, and bungee-ball net fasteners.