Branded Soccer Balls for Maximum Performance

Match balls are constructed specifically for competition and the high-level training. These balls feature higher quality materials and must conform to regulation standards of your league or organization (NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA). Training and recreational soccer balls are designed to handle extended use on a variety of playing surfaces, often featuring a PVA casing for enhanced durability.

The soccer ball has evolved over the years, and there are so many different types, including machine stitched, hand stitched and thermo bonded balls. If you need some help in selecting either chat with us or send an email to

Futsal soccer balls are smaller, heavier and softer than standard FIFA regulation balls. These balls are constructed with either butyl or latex bladders that are wrapped in layers of foam or cloth, lending a softer feel and reduced flight. They pretty much don’t bounce. Shop the full assortment of Indoor or Futsal soccer balls for your next game.

Goal Kick Soccer carries a huge collection of soccer balls for sale. When selecting your soccer ball, the most important factors are the age group, your playing environment and if it’s for match or practice.

Size requirements

For under 8 years old – its recommended to use a size 3 soccer ball.

For under 12 years old – its recommended to use a size 4 soccer ball.

For over 12 years old – a full size 5 soccer ball is recommended.