PK-Pro Net


Precision Shooting is a key factor in scoring goals. The PK-Pro Snipers Net was designed to increase players goal scoring abilities during shooting drills and penalty kicks, it simulates realistic goal scoring areas by covering most of the goal area and only leaving six main scoring zones of the goal. This scoring zones highlights where goalkeepers won't reach the ball during a penalty kick or a long shot.The PK-Pro Snipers Net is the best way for players to learn how to strike the ball into the top and bottom corners of the goal.This Premium quality soccer goal target net can be used as a bounce back net, players can use it as a rebounder for one touch finishing, or even follow ups on a saved penalty kick.

The heavy-duty nylon banding and netting are both incredibly durable and adept at handling off-target shots without becoming damaged, its weatherproof design will ensure that players skill practice sessions aren’t halted during the winter. The cutting-edge PK Pro Snipers Net materials prevent shape loss and billowing during windy conditions, ensuring that the reliable soccer goal target net retains its shape for effective training session.Practice yourself or in the backyard your shooting and accuracy without the need of a goalie,simply attach the unique shock absorbing bungee straps to a standard 8 x 24 goal posts in minutes and start developing your deadly goal scoring technique with this essential training equipment.

  • Weatherproof
  • Vibrant Red Nylon Banding
  • Premium Material
  • No Goalkeepers Required
  • Perfect Shooting Drill Training
  • Finishing Drills and Exercise Training
  • Free Kick and Penalty Kick Training
  • Play a game of horse