Slingshot Rebounder

  • BOUNCE BACK NET-With its one of a kind ground level bounce back net, The Sling Shot allows you to develop your touch, control, and passing all in one.
  • TRAIN ON YOUR OWN-The bounce back net allows for individual training without the need of another player. Improve your trapping, passing, and control anytime, anywhere!
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL-Use for improving your passing, receiving, trapping, or even shooting.The amount of drills and training are endless!
  • QUICK AND EASY SET UP-Complete with support poles, double spiked base, and instructions. Set up and begin training in minutes!
  • FREE CARRYING BAG-Utilize our FREE carrying bag for easy transportation. Great for a coach on the go to training, or easily stored in the garage for any player trying to gain that championship edge!