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4 1/2H x 9W x 2D x 5B, 3 1/2" mesh, 3mm Braided Knotless

Nets | 3B6822
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Product Details

The 3B6822 is a junior-size 4 x 9 high tenacity polypropylene (HTPP) net with depth at the top. The mesh is 3̴ wide and features a 3mm solid braid, knotless rope. The 3B6822 meets entrapment prevention requirements of playground safety standards.

HTPP material is treated to resist UV rays better than standard polyethylene, and is also used for cargo and safety netting.

Height: 4 1/2' | Width: 9'
Depth: 2' | Base: 5'
Weight: 3 lbs.
Material: High Tenacity Polypropylene (HTPP)
Rope Size: 3mm
Mesh Size: 3 1/2" Rope Type: Braided Knotless

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