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adidas Men's Predator Tango 18.1 Trainer

$150.00 $150.00
Cleats | CM7700-8
x $150.00 $150.00

Product Details

For a cleats from the viciously superb adidas Predator silo, these cleats are almost gentlemanly in their initial look. They look so suave and chill until you get your hands on them and you see they're true to their origins. They may look chill but they are filled with the comfort, panache, and swagger of the finest Predator. We've got to tell you this, everyone at SoccerPro has a pair of these cleats simply because we all like to think we're packed full of style and swagger. The technical dimension of these cleats are also another reason why of course.

These cleats fit the bill of superb construction that adidas is known for. Before you open the packaging, the sense of awesomeness already hits you. These cleats incorporate all of Adidas best materials and features! It makes the cleats awesome, and you know it makes trainers great; that's right, you know we're talking about Adidas Boost! One of the most revolutionary cushioning systems out there, it gives energy back to your foot with every step! Combined with a slick look, including a laceless construction, you're sure to make a statement! Before you look elsewhere, check these adidas Predator cleats out. 

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