Inverter Design Thermo Soccer Ball

  • WATERPROOF-A street ball without the ability to play in any weather, defeats the purpose of even creating it. With a waterproof design, you can play all day rain or shine!
  • FIFA STANDARD-The Street Ball is created with a one of a kind design and made to meet the standard qualifications of the Federation Internationale de Football Association
  • VIBRANT COLORS-Our vibrant one of a kind design is sure to not only play well, but look good while doing it!
  • RESTRICTED BLADDER-Tired of lopsided balls? With our restricted bladder, the ball keeps it shape and makes egg shaped balls a thing of the past!
  • CUSTOM DESIGN-With our custom shape and design, the spherical shape and outer casing allows the Inverter to play true! The ball flies faster, further, and more accurately than normal soccer balls.

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