Magnetic Hinged Tactic Board


The exclusive new Soccer Innovations Magnetic Hinge Tactic Board is one of a kind, as its unique design allows you to fold it and take it with you anywhere you go. Clearly map out the route to victory with these coaching boards. The Magnetic Hinged Tactic Board features a full pitch view that can be utilized to simulate in-game situations as well as divided sides to give you a more focused display on each half of the pitch for in-depth tactical analysis. The Magnetic Hinge Tactic Board offers the best of the best due to its compact folding option and its distinctive design, which allows this product to be very mobile, which can also be conveniently carried in a backpack or coach's bag. It is the perfect tool to teach soccer tactics, and excellent for PRECISION TRAINING on the go.

The versatile coaching tactic board allow you to make tactical decisions at all times due to its handheld design. Comprising of a full set of markers to match the team size, this Magnetic Hinged Tactic Board is the best way to under pin the playing philosophy of your team.Manufactured with premium aluminum frame, this coaching board has corner protection which further increase the overall robustness of the coaching board while providing resistance to bending, the heavy-duty Hinged Tactic Board is built to last. As well as a full set of markers, the wipe able tactic board also includes a whiteboard pen and eraser,allowing coaches to tweak their strategies with ease.

  • Quick fold
  • Includes Magnets
  • Includes Marker
  • Premium Aluminum Frame
  • Black Carry Handle
  • Black Velcro Sealer
  • Magnetic Dry Eraser
  • Unique Design