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Puma Mens King II FG Sneaker

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Cleats | 10314706-7
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In soccer, there are believable moments. Not too stunning. You've seen them before. And then there are unbelievable moments. The ones that last through decades and generations and leave their mark on the game. If you're keen on the latter, then get a load of this: PUMA has designed a soccer boot inspired by barefoot kicking: the all new evoPOWER 1 FG. The one-way stretchable upper allows the foot to bend as much as possible, mimicking the barefoot kicking motion and allowing for your best shot. In soccer, that shot's power and subsequent ball velocity can be the difference between a goal and a save. It can be the difference between believable and unbelievable. evoPOWER combined with that foot of yours? It's where unbelievable starts.

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