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Shock Doctor Youth Gel Max Convirtible Mouth Guard

Equipment | 6163Y
x $12.99

Product Details

The Shock Doctor Youth Gel Max Convertible Mouthguard has a Gel-Fit liner that custom molds to your teeth for a tight, comfortable fit. The Triple-Layer design features an integrated breathing channel and has a convertible tether that allows the mouthguard to be strapped or strapless. Crafted using a heavy-duty rubber Exoskeletal Shock Frame, the Gel Max Convertible Mouthguard offers the ultimate protection for any sport.

  • Gel-Fit liner molds to your teeth
  • Exoskeletal Shock Frame gives you extra protection
  • Triple-Layer Design with integrated breathing channel creates maximum protection, fit and comfort
  • Convertible tether allows the mouthguard to be strapped or strapless
  • Meets NFHS rules for mouthguards
  • Youth: Ages 10 and younger
  • Shock Doctor

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