Soccer Wall Pro Single


The Soccer Wall Pro Mannequin is a must have for all coaches and soccer trainers. We have designed and perfected our mannequins to be more than just a free kick mannequin. The award-winning Soccer Wall Pro weighs less than 7 pounds making it the lightest mannequin in the world. Its wind resistance mesh cover and unbreakable collapsible metal double spike pole with spring base prevents movement by keeping the mannequin steady on those windy days and allows direct ball hits without dislodging or tipping the mannequin, it is as like as can be but the most heavy duty mannequin performing at the highest level on the market. Its multi-functional features gives you the ability to create game like scenarios by improving your dribbling, passing, shooting, tactical formation, spatial awareness, free kicks, offsides trap, and much more.

These mannequins provide a lifelike figure and more realistic ball deflection when struck by the ball, it gives a better representation of an opponents presence in the playing area. Use to represent and create an offside line which forces players to make accurate and better timed runs behind the opponent without being off-side as well as creating and simulating compact defense with well placed mannequins to teach your players defense breaking, 1 touch and passing combinations. Designed to withstand the intense soccer training sessions, these mannequins will last forever. Our mannequins were built for storage convenience, its collapsible design allows the mannequin to carry around with you to everywhere and anywhere you go. With 6 vibrant color options to choose from, the Soccer Wall Pro is the far best soccer wall free kick mannequin you will ever find.

  • Collapsible Mannequin
  • Collapsible Metal Pole with Spike
  • Create Game Like Scenarios 
  • Lightest Mannequin in the World
  • Multi-fuctional 
  • Quick and Easy to Set up 
  • Lightest Yet Durable   
  • Improve Your Peripheral Vision
  • Realistic Shadow Play
  • Lifelike Dribbling