Soccer Wall Youth


Teach soccer tactics and soccer skills with the Youth Soccer Wall Soccer Mannequin. Single, Adjustable from 4'2 to 4'8 Mannequin with Mesh Cover. (Expanda-Pole and Mesh)

This feather light Youth Soccer Wall is just under 5' Tall. Great for youth soccer players and coaches looking to enhance their practices and improve player skills and awareness on the field. Mannequins are used in almost every training among the professional teams. Manchester United uses mannequins in every practice. Practice like to the pros with our world famous Soccer Wall! (Adjustable height form 4'2" to 4'8") Includes a telescoping support pole that doubles as a soccer speed and agility slalom pole.

  • Add a "Slip On Goal Net" and turn your soccer wall into a training goal!
  • Add a Pole Clip and make a passing gate or a hurdle.
  • Add a "Slip On Soccer Tennis Net" and play some Soccer Tennis!