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Utopia Like Button Short Sleeve Soccer T-Shirt


What's not to like about soccer? The camaraderie, the energy, the adrenaline rush, the passion, the fashion, the fans, the crowd; all of them brings life and joy to the sport that's well-loved the world over. Whether games are played at the local school field or in the world stage, there's that overcoming feeling of excitement every time the ball roll and finds its way to the goal. In summary, Utopia's "Like Button" short sleeve soccer t-shirt can be both an affirmation and an invitation. The quality screen printed design may look simple, but there's surely more to know and understand, especially when the shirt finds itself being worn by a fan, a player, or an enthusiast. And honestly, there are a million reasons to like soccer; just like how your soccer shirt can last for years thanks to its meticulous stitching.

  • Made in the USA
  • High-quality screen printed design
  • Preshrunk 100% Cotton
  • Full Cut, Double Stitched Hems & Seams