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Utopia 2014 USA Soccer Short Sleeve T-Shirt


Utopia's "2014 USA" soccer short sleeve t-shirt is a stark reminder of what occurred in the FIFA World Cup, with Brazil as the hosting country at the time. But more than the memory of the past and USA's defeat by Belgium ended the shot for the prized trophy, is the spirit of support for the team, and more importantly, the players that represent the nation. So even though Team USA did not win in the FIFA Cup back then, there's so much to be proud of -- The American Spirit, the love for the sport, and the pride of a fan. With all of that, Utopia makes sure that you get to wear your colors with confidence in quality, comfort, and style that can be found in the hems and seams, the prints, and even in the very fiber of the shirt.

Made in the USA
High-quality screen printed design
Preshrunk 100% Cotton
Full Cut, Double Stitched Hems & Seams