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    Ball Hog Short Sleeve Soccer T-Shirt


    Pigs are cute and smart creatures, and also clean. But when you talk about soccer and mention pigs, these animals describe something entirely different. They become ball-greedy, running through the field carelessly, and won't mind getting dirty. This "Ball Hog" short-sleeve soccer shirt from Four11 knows how to describe a ball hog! These kinds of players are adorable when they have the ball close to them, frolicking, all smiles even. But take that ball away, even if it's a teammate, they'll run for it! Good thing that their soccer shirt can keep up thanks to its double stitched hems and seams that keeps everything in check, even when things get rowdy in the field. And because the design is made from high-quality screen print, you'll see that cute piggy on the shirt, even in a blur!