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  • Size 1 soccer balls

    Size 1 is the smallest size soccer ball. A Size 1 soccer ball weighs about 7 oz., and is a great ball for young athletes under the age of 4. You may see these called "mini soccer balls", and they can also be used to work on foot skills.

    Size 3 soccer ball

    Size 3 soccer balls are recommended for junior players ages 7 or younger.

    Size 4 soccer ball

    Size 4 soccer balls are for players 8 to 11 years old, who typically have circumferences between 25 to 26 inches. Grab a match ball or training ball today. Most ship free. 

    Size 5 soccer ball

    Size 5 is the official size soccer balls for players ages 12 and older, all the way up to professional players. Pick up a size 5 soccer ball if you want the same ball used by MLS, NCAA, NJCAA or NAIA. 

    adidas soccer balls

    adidas soccer is a global brand that is well-known for its high-quality sports gear. As the official soccer ball supplier for the MLS and FIFA World Cup, adidas has a range of match balls and training balls that are perfect for athletes who want to take their game to the next level. You will find balls in the Tango and Tiro collections which are some of the most famous branded soccer balls out there. adidas soccer balls come in all colors and weights, while the quality is still yet to be matched.

    Match balls

    Match soccer balls are a special kind of ball that is constructed specifically for competition and high-level training. These branded soccer balls feature higher-quality materials and must conform to the regulation standards of your league or organization (NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA).

    Training and recreational soccer balls are designed to handle extended use on a variety of playing surfaces, often featuring a PVA casing for enhanced durability. Shipping is free for any match ball.  

    The soccer ball has evolved over the years, and there are so many different types, including machine-stitched, hand-stitched, and thermo-bonded balls. If you need some help in selecting either chat with us or send an email to

    Futsal balls

    Futsal-branded soccer balls are smaller, heavier and softer than standard FIFA regulation balls. These balls are constructed with either butyl or latex bladders that are wrapped in layers of foam or cloth, lending a softer feel and reduced flight. They pretty much don’t bounce. Shop the full assortment of Indoor or Futsal soccer balls for your next game.

    We also stock various brands, including adidas soccer balls and Select soccer balls.


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