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    The right type of footwear can have a huge impact on performance and personal safety. Use this guide for men’s soccer cleats if you need help determining which shoe to wear on synthetic grass, soft and hard grass fields, or out on the street for your most powerful play every time.

    Firm Ground Soccer Cleats | Shoes

    Wear a firm ground soccer cleat to easily ping the ball around on a pitch with natural grass. Most firm ground shoes now have either hard rubber or plastic bladed studs and a combination of bladed and conical studs to ensure proper traction for speed and stability. Artificial fields have become standard enough that FG cleats are a common option for well-used artificial pitches.

    Soft Ground Soccer Cleats | Shoes

    Men’s soccer cleats for soft ground are worn on fields where it rains heavily and sometimes features replaceable studs (cleats). Soft-ground cleats are less common as natural grass fields, especially in rainy climates, are being replaced with artificial grass.

    Indoor Soccer Shoes

    Indoor soccer shoes feature a gum rubber sole designed for hard and smooth courts; they are non-marking, flexible, and provide maximum grip. Indoor soccer shoes like the Predator cleat feature a midfoot wrap for a snug fit, control embossing on the forefoot for enhanced control of the ball and outsoles designed to amplify traction on flat surfaces.

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    Soccer Cleat Materials

    Indoor soccer shoes are made with 3 types of materials, so its key to understand the differences. Kangaroo leather is used in very few shoes due to its availability, but it holds 1/3 less moisture and molds to the athlete's foot for proper fit.

    Unlike kangaroo leather, calfskin or premium leather is durable and a bit harder. It doesn’t offer the flexibility and lightweight kangaroo leather offers but gives you soccer cleats that are tough and durable. Other shoes can be made with synthetic materials to make them lighter and more durable. However, sometimes the feel of the ball is compromised.

    Many of the newer models of soccer shoes use premium synthetic, which is also water-resistant. They’re made up of water-repellent microfibers which are also lightweight.  


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