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For many years, World Cup has been a tradition for many families from across the globe. It is the time that unites everyone, may it be friends, family, co-workers, classmates or even just a bunch of strangers watching at a pub. It releases so much emotion from thousands of people and makes them embrace their inner patriotism. It is amazing how everyone anticipates. People even fly from their country just to witness this event live. The shouts and cheers that fill the stadium are enough to prove how much people...

Every four years that the World Cup happens, national teams only get to take 23 players. Because of this stringent rule, many of the good players get removed to the team. This often creates a lot of noise to the media and leads to controversy. There are several reasons why a player can be cast out. It can be because of an injury or they're simply out of favor. Here is the list of some of the players that will not be included in this year's FIFA World Cup Alvaro...

From Messi to James, here are our picks for the best players to watch out for in World Cup 2018.

After months of anticipating, the 2018 World Cup Kits are finally here! Sportswear giants such as Adidas have recently unveiled their designs for 2018’s finest soccer teams around the world. And the theme for this year is archival designs: taking inspiration from past jerseys worn by players during their country’s pivotal moment in soccer history.

For us football fans around the globe, the World Cup is when the world stops spinning every four years. It’s when you watch, drink, and cheer with friends in front of the TV at home, at your favorite pub, or maybe even in our office when the boss is a fan as well. You might even be one of those planning a pilgrimage to the host country, chanting for your favorite team in each stadium they’re playing at. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that the last World Cup in Brazil...

You’ve probably heard the lines before: “the shoes don’t make the player, the player makes the shoe.” But while it’s true that a special shoe won’t make up for skills that aren’t there yet, if you’re serious about soccer, you still need to consider the cleats you’re buying.

Your child might be physically prepared for tryouts, but is he also mentally ready?

Soccer is a sport that every kid should experience during their lifetime, and starting them young is always a good idea. Starting kids young also means that you shouldn’t focus too much on the skills but rather focus on them having fun while playing the beautiful game. These 5 easy drills are perfect so your kids can have fun and also learn the fundamentals of soccer.

The Gold Cup is getting ready to start and the question always is who will take it this year, Mexico or the USA? Since the beginning of this tournament it has only been dominated by these two teams. These two teams have won a combined 12 out of the 13 tournaments. The only team that was able to break the dominance of USA and Mexico was Canada back in 2000 when they ended up winning the whole thing

VAR is a video assistant referee that is intended to help the referee make close or controversial calls that could affect the game. VAR is currently being tested during The Confederation Cup 2017 in Russia and is raising a few eyebrows. VAR is similar to what the NFL uses with their review plays, but there are a few differences in soccer. Coaches can’t challenge a play, so everything is up to the referee to see if they want to review the play or not.