Tempo Soccer Club 2021 Order Updates

The pandemic has created global supply chain delays affecting all industries getting products from factories to customers. Our team is working a tremendous amount of hours to solve these problems. However, there will be some delays in shipments and many delays in products.

Current Back Orders:
Women's Jerseys:
NAVY: X-Small (9/7) Small (10/22) Medium (10/22)
YELLOW: all sizes 8/27
SKY BLUE: all sizes 8/27
Men's Jersey:
NAVY: Small (10/7) Medium (10/7)
YELLOW: Small (8/27) Medium (9/24)
SKY BLUE: Small (8/27) Medium (9/4)
Youth Jerseys:
NAVY: Youth Small (10/28) Medium (10/7) Large - good stock
YELLOW: all sizes 9/7
SKY BLUE: all sizes 8/27

Youth Shorts: Medium & Large 8/27
Medium size: to be determined.