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  • More Controversy with WWC

    June 30, 2015 2 min read

    FIFA is at it again with disrespecting the Women’s World Cup teams.  Having the teams that are playing against each other, stay in the same hotel.  FIFA would never allow this to happen if it was the men, but it seems like there is a double standard in this game.  The men would never allow the tournament to be played on turf, yet the women play on the turf.  Every game that the teams have to play, they see the team they will play the morning of the game to eat their food.  Now to me there is a big disconnect if FIFA is allowing this to happen.  Having the players see each other all the time when you’re supposed to be getting ready for a big game is something that makes things harder.  How do you have the top three teams in the Women’s game right now on the same side in the bracket?  FIFA states that the teams were put into the groups to sell tickets, but how do you sell tickets when you fix the tournament to get what you want.  FIFA wanted Canada in the semifinals against Japan, and more than likely, play either the German’s or the US in the final.  Well FIFA got one of the things it wanted, a German/US semifinal game.  Now if France had tanked in the group and came second or even third that might have thrown the tournament committee for a loop.   This year’s teams haven’t had the flair that we have seen in the men’s game, but that is to be expected.  A lot of teams aren’t living up to the expectation that most people believe that the teams could play, the USA for example.  Yes the United States hasn’t been playing well, but neither had France before the knockout stage, they even lost to Colombia. 

    With all that being said we still have the semifinals being played today and tomorrow.  The United States will play Germany, the number 2 versus the number 1, and Japan will play England.  Now England has never been to the semifinals, in the women’s game, but the men have been here twice but not since 1990.  The United States game will be interesting.  The Germans have had to play back to back tough games with Sweden and France, with the latter going to penalty kicks.  The German team will be tired.  Will this work in the United States favor?  The Japanese have been able to grind out a one goal win in all of their games.  Will tomorrow be the day that the competition comes up to a level that the possession game won’t work for the Japanese?  Who will be playing for the championship? 

    Put your predictions in the comments.

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