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  • Women vs Men US National Team

    June 25, 2015 1 min read

    Last year we were celebrating how the United States Men’s National Team played in the World Cup in Brazil. Now we are condemning how the United States Women’s National Team is playing.  Why do we treat the women different than the men?   Does anyone believe that it is fair to judge this team on the success that the previous teams in the World Cup or Olympics have done?  Yes, our women are ranked number two in the world.  Yes our coach is trying to change the system of free flowing soccer, mostly offensive, to a more rigid system that lacks the creativity that has won in the past.  Does that mean that this Women’s National Team will not win?  Most people are saying no because we can’t score, but I have a different viewpoint on it.  Why do we have to score ten goals every game, like Germany did against Ivory Coast?  If we shut out every team that we face, how do they win?  We struggled against Australia and Sweden, giving up a goal against Australia, but we haven’t given up a goal since then.  So I ask again, does it matter how many goals we score, or how we score, if the other team doesn’t score against us?  It has looked like Hope Solo is bored back in the net because the defense doesn’t give up chances to score. 

    What do you think about the United States Women’s National Team?

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