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Kwikgoal Kwik Fill Anchor Bag | 10B59

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The 10B59 Kwik Fill Anchor Bag is the easiest anchor bag to use for anchoring soccer goals.  Simply place a bag of playground sand (not included) into the 10B59 Kwik Fill Anchor Bag, zip it up and secure it to the bottom bar of your soccer goal.  The reinforced PVC will ensure a longer life for your goal anchors.  The 10B59 Kwik Fill Anchor Bag is quick and easy, eliminating the need to pour sand into bags as well as also protecting the plastic bag the sand comes in from hardware store.

To find out the proper amount of 10B59 Kwik Fill Anchor Bags needed to anchor your goal, please contact your goal’s manufacturer.

Kwik Goal recommends 6 of the 10B59 Kwik Fill Anchor Bags for one full-size Kwik Goal soccer goal.

MATERIAL: Reinforced heavy-duty PVC

FEATURES: Used for portable indoor/outdoor installation Readily accepts a standard 50 lb. bag of sand (no pouring required ) Straps with snap links allow for easy attachment to bottom bars (SAND NOT INCLUDED )