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Kwikgoal Turf Anchors | 10B5401

The 10B5401 Turf Anchors are recommended for artificial surface fields, and adhere to the Kwik Goal Lock in to Goal Safety program. The Turf Anchors have less than 1 of subsurface penetration, and stores completely under the turf when not in use. Once in place, a leash is run from the anchor around the base frame of the goal. The leash is then locked with a keyed padlock ensuring only authorized personnel can remove the anchoring.
The Turf Anchors do not require concrete or excavation.
1 set of 10B5401 Turf Anchors will secure one Kwik Goal soccer goal.

  • Set of 2 anchors secures 1 goal
  • Recommended for turf fields
  • Less than 1" of subsurface penetration required
  • No concrete or excavation required
  • Stores completely below turf when not in use
  • Keyed padlocks assure anchoring is removed only by authorized personnel
  • Designed to be installed after turf installation
  • *Check with your Turf manufactuerers warranty information