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This Is Football Soccer Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Light Blue

Utopia's "This Is Football" soccer short sleeve t-shirt is the kind of apparel that helps soccer fans explain the distinctness of American football and soccer, commonly confused due to its language usage in other countries. In fact, when you wear this in different locations across the world, some would raise arguments and questions that the high-quality print badge may have gotten it wrong. But knowing Utopia and how witty they get with their shirts, you can do the explaining by just showing your back. Soccer is a game with using the feet to pass, run with, and make scores. American football, meanwhile, uses kicks, runs, and throws to make a score. Needless to say, it's not just the personality of the shirt that makes it smart, but even the hems and seams that bind the shirt together.

Made in the USA
High-quality screen printed design
Preshrunk 100% Cotton
Full Cut, Double Stitched Hems & Seams