Utopia Smell My Cleats Soccer T-Shirt

Heather Grey

Smelling cleats isn't exactly the best thing to do in soccer, but that seems to be the norm especially when you see that ball fly away in front of you, toward the goal. Utopia's "Smell My Cleats" soccer t-shirt may be the kind of shirt you'll wear when you want to taunt your opponent during a practice or in an actual match. The print on the badge is actually a giveaway of the intent for the statement shirt: to intimidate, to irritate, and to infuriate. So if you think that the front face of the shirt is annoying enough, wait until you read the back portion that says even more of that temper-stirring cleat stuff. Truly an apparel that's not meant for the soft-hearted and intended for those that have both the attitude and the spunk.

Made in the USA
High-quality screen printed design
Preshrunk 100% Cotton
Full Cut, Double Stitched Hems & Seams