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  • Has Brendan Rogers made a huge impact at Liverpool?

    May 08, 2014 2 min read

    If you were one of the people wondering, “Has Brendan Rodgers made a huge impact at Liverpool?”, you’ve undoubtedly gotten your answer by now. The 41 year old Liverpool Coach took possession of the team in the summer of 2012. By the summer of 2013, he was sporting a Premier League Manager of the Month title and leading Liverpool to what many believe to be certain championship victory.

    Of course it has not been all bangers and mash for Rodgers and his Liverpool team. There was that trash talking incident during the 2013 Manchester City game, but whose going to deny a man his right to voice his frustrations? He was fined for his mutterings and the team quickly moved on to bigger and better things.

    As it stands now, Liverpool’s played 27 games, won 17 and scored an impressive 70 goals. The last big match-up was against Swansea in late February 2014. Rodgers team won by a nail-biting margin and is clearly looking forward to the March match-up against Southampton. After all, each victory is taking them ever so closer to the Premier League Championship.

    So in Rodgers’ estimation, what’s the secret to Liverpool’s mercurial rise to the top? Humble about his own contributions to the team’s success, he’s consistently and openly attributed their victories to an undivided focus on each and every match. Liverpool fans, however, have other ideas. Many credit Rodgers’ change in strategy. The team clearly seems to be full of energy these days. They are attacking more and serving up passes with laser beam precision. Other fans can’t help but shine the spotlight onto the team’s top performers, like Forward Daniel Sturridge, Midfielder Jordan Henderson and Forward Luis Suarez. Talk about a triple threat!

    Regardless of which side fans choose to come down on, there is no denying one thing. Liverpool is well on their way and Brendan Rodgers remains confident at the helm. Fans wishing to support the team are encouraged to pick-up their Liverpool Gear now, before they sell out. Please contact us at(877) 777-7237.

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