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    February 20, 2015 1 min read

    The United States National Soccer gets a new jersey made by Nike.  I think the jersey is good.  It’s different than what others have.  With the off-setting blues on the jersey, the players will look like they are running faster than they might normally be.   The shorts are a solid navy.  The US Soccer teams have not had an away jersey be all blue in quite some time.  A few years ago they did have their third jersey be navy with a white stripe through it, but they never made it there go to jersey on away games.  The Women’s National team plans on wearing this new jersey when they play in the World Cup this year in Canada. 


    The Women’s National team played fairly well against a strong France team a few weeks back.  Then they played an England team that they might meet in the World Cup.  The game was pretty even, the only time was when Alex Morgan was able to get into a pocket of space and head a difficult ball into the corner of the net.  The power that Morgan had to put on it was tremendous.  Not many players have the talent to make that kind of goal.  Let’s see if Morgan can keep this up in the World Cup against the likes of Sweden, Australia, and Nigeria.   This group is considered the group of death because all of these teams are able to go far in this tournament.  It will be fun watching this group.

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