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  • Women's World Cup Knock-Out Stage

    June 22, 2015 2 min read

    This Women’s World Cup in Canada hasn’t had the exposure that the men have had in Brazil, but that doesn’t mean that the game is any different.  There have been some exciting games this world cup, Germany demolishing the Ivory Coast to the upset in the round robin of France by Colombia.  All of these have set up the knock-out round, where the games are very close.  So far there has only been one stand out from the teams and that is Germany.  They seem like the team to beat.  Brazil had the upset of the tournament being knocked-out by Australia.  This shows that the teams are getting better and that one person cannot win the World Cup for a country.  Tonight two powerhouse teams go up against each other, England and Norway.  This should be an exciting match up for both of these teams.  Canada is eyeing the winner of this match.  I would bet they will be scouting the game.  Norway had a tough group with Germany in it.  England had similar problems with France, but they both made it to this round and are looking to advance. 

    USA is playing Colombia, who is the dark horse in this tournament.  Colombia beat France, and looked like they were going to win the group if they could have beaten England.  Once they lost, they came in third place and playing a powerhouse USA team, without their main keeper.  Can Colombia make an even bigger splash in this World Cup with an upset against USA? While on the other side, USA played in one of the toughest groups that was out there and came away with two wins, to win the group.  USA is looking to take this game and play China in the quarterfinals.  The United States have only given up one goal through the group stage.  Can they keep this defense up against the better opposition that they might be facing?

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