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  • Blatter Steps Down, Kinda.

    June 03, 2015 2 min read

    These past few days have been interesting in the game of soccer.  With all of the controversy that has been swilling around FIFA, Sett Blatter decided to tell the world that he will be resigning once they vote in another president.  This comes five days after he told the press that he would not step down because that would look like he did something wrong.  Blatter told the press the day he got elected that he was not afraid of getting arrested.  “For what?” is what Blatter told the press.  What gave Blatter this insight that made him change his mind from only five days ago saying he would never step down.   With the arrest and warrants out for people that were under him for corruption, how long will it take the United States have to bring down the “All Powerful” Blatter?   The major concern for most of the world wasn’t the 2018 World Cup in Russia, but the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.  How does a country that rates the second lowest in the rating system of FIFA get the most prestigious sporting event in the world?  The only thing anyone can think of is they paid millions, sorry, billions of dollars to officials to get the World Cup in their country.  Now that Qatar has won the actual bid, getting the World Cup taken away from them will be the first time that it has ever happened, if it happens.

    Blatter says that he will stay president until a vote is done to have a new one take his place.  Blatter told everyone that he will use this time to change FIFA.  What changes are we going to have?  Are there going to be terms and limit the amount of times someone can run for the office?  Are we going to have less people vote for the president so what happened to him doesn’t happen to anyone else?  Could Blatter do something that could annoy the smaller countries that voted for him?  There are so many possibilities that could come into play with no constraints on Blatter.  I believe that he will try and change the reputation, or try to, for the better.  Let’s hope that I am right in believing that he won’t try to sabotage the game that we all love.

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