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  • Five Easy Drills you can Teach Little Kids

    July 19, 2017 3 min read

    Soccer is a sport that every kid should experience during their lifetime, and starting them young is always a good idea. Starting kids young also means that you shouldn’t focus too much on the skills but rather focus on them having fun while playing the beautiful game. These 5 easy drills are perfect so your kids can have fun and also learn the fundamentals of soccer.

    Hit the coach

    This drill is simple to do, and kids really love doing it. You start by creating a square grid. It should be big enough to contain your team and leave a little extra room to move around. Then, make all the kids get a ball and start going around the grid with the ball on their feet. Next, the coach comes in and starts running around the grid. Then, the players start chasing the coach and try to hit the coach with the ball. They can’t use their hands. This drill helps kids learn how to dribble with the ball on their feet, and it also helps with kicking techniques while they are trying to kick the ball to hit the coach.

    Red Light, Green Light

    There are two ways you can do this drill. The first way is to line all the kids up on the end line or side line. Then, go far enough away, so that the kids can race towards you. Next, with every kid with the ball on their feet you either say green, yellow, or red light. Green light means dribble fast, yellow light means dribble slow, and red light means stop and put your foot on top of the ball. The second way to do this drill is to just make a square grid and have them run around the grid while you give the commands. This is supposed to mimic the speed of play of the game and help the kids learn how to dribble slow and fast.  

    The Battle

    This is a game that the kids really seem to enjoy, and it is also really good for them because it teaches them many fundamentals. The game consists of making two teams, and then the coach goes to the middle of the two teams and throws the ball in the middle. The two teams get in a line and one player from each line goes to battle for the ball, and the first one to bring the ball back to the coach wins. This is a great drill because it helps the kids learn how to take players on, and it also helps players defend and take the ball away from other players. It is a great offend/defend drill.

    Top Dog

    This game is very simple. Start by making a square grid then make the kids go around the grid with the ball on their feet.  By the command of the coach, the kids start trying to keep their ball while trying to kick other kids’ balls out. The one with the ball at the end of the drill is “top dog”. This is a great drill to help kids learn how to protect the ball and help learn how to take the ball away from other players.


    For this drill, you need to set up a bunch of cones in the form of a maze. Tell the kids to try to get through the maze with the ball on their feet without touching the volcanoes which are the cones. You need to have a starting section and an ending section, and the kids need to go through and find their way out of the maze. This drill can really help them with their dribbling skills and their awareness of the game.






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