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  • May 08, 2018 3 min read

     After months of anticipating, the 2018 World Cup Kits are finally here! Sportswear giants such as Adidas have recently unveiled their designs for 2018’s finest soccer teams around the world. And the theme for this year is archival designs: taking inspiration from past jerseys worn by players during their country’s pivotal moment in soccer history.

    And of course, we’ve found a couple of designs that stood out from the rest. Is your favorite team or jersey on our list? Find out now!

    1. Argentina - Home

    Perhaps the most iconic soccer jersey of all. Once again, the perennial soccer powerhouse will don their traditional “Albiceleste”--with a few minor upgrades. The Argentinians wore a similar jersey when they last won the Copa América in 1993. Safe to say that this jersey deserves to be worn by no less than Lionel Messi.

    It’s hard not to love this year’s take on the classic design. Aside from the iconic white and sky blue stripes, it’s updated with faint blue pixels in the shape of laurels from the team’s badge.

    Could the Albiceleste be Argentina’s lucky jersey once more? We’ll see!

    2. Mexico - Home

    This year’s Mexico Home Jersey was also inspired by a uniform from the 90’s. The “Soy México” jersey is a modern take on the 1994 Mexico Home Jersey, which is considered by many Mexican fans as the best uniform that their national team has ever worn.

    “Soy México” means “I’m Mexican”--the country’s signature World Cup chant. These proud words are printed at the upper back of the jersey to stir up even more passion and team spirit--if that’s even possible.

    3. Colombia - Home

    The year 1990 will forever be remembered in Colombia’s soccer history, as it was the year when the country first rose to World Cup prominence. That year, the team wore a striking yellow shirt with alternating red-blue-red stripes on the sides. The Colombian team then slowly earned fans around the world with their attacking style and eye-catching jersey.

    This year, Colombia’s World Cup Kit is inspired by that iconic yellow jersey. With a few minor updates such as thin navy blue stripes and the words “"Unidos Por Un Pais" (United By A Country) printed around the nape, this jersey is set to shine on the world stage once more.

    4. Spain - Home

    Yet another uniform that’s inspired by a design from the 1994 World Cup is Spain’s 2018 Home Jersey. It was the same uniform that their national team wore during their fiery duel with the Italian team that year.


    The traditionally red jersey is lined with yellow and navy diamonds on the right side, pushing the Adidas logo to the middle of the chest. Certain to make a bold contrast with the green of the field, we just can’t wait to see this uniform in action.

    5. Germany- Home

    The reigning World Cup Champions will also be wearing a remake of their 1990 West Germany Home Jersey. Because of its clean and geometric look, many soccer fans consider it as one of the greatest jerseys of all time.

    This modern take on the jersey takes a minimalist route, using black and grey instead of the original German flag colors. The 2014 FIFA World Cup Champions badge sits at the center of the chest--something any fan wouldn’t miss to wear.

    6. Russia - Home

    The host team’s uniform was inspired by the 1998 Soviet Union team’s jersey when they first won their Olympic gold in Seoul. Slightly brighter than their usual scarlet color, we love how this design is so simple but no less striking.

    Russia’s home jersey shows us--if anything--how choosing the right color means not having to go crazy with the patterns.

    7. Spain - Away

    Our last pick for this list is the clean-looking Away Jersey to be worn by Spain’s national team. Inspired by the team’s jersey from the 80’s, this light grayish-blue shirt is balanced by striking orange stripes and badges.

    So, which one is your favorite? Which team are you rooting for? And did any jersey in particular made you want to switch teams? Do you have a favorite that didn’t make our list? Let us know in the comments!

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