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  • June 19, 2018 2 min read

    For many years, World Cup has been a tradition for many families from across the globe. It is the time that unites everyone, may it be friends, family, co-workers, classmates or even just a bunch of strangers watching at a pub. It releases so much emotion from thousands of people and makes them embrace their inner patriotism.

    It is amazing how everyone anticipates. People even fly from their country just to witness this event live. The shouts and cheers that fill the stadium are enough to prove how much people love soccer. Some even describe the night before the World Cup as something like Christmas Eve and I honestly could not find any other description better than that. This world event is truly unlike any other in the field of sports.  

    The World Cup even got a world record for being the most-watched broadcast in many countries like the United Kingdom, hitting 32.3m views. It seems like every time the World Cup starts it becomes the center of the world. You will see countries filled with their flags on the street and the cars passing the road are soundtracked by the horns that symbolize the people's support. This atmosphere is only something World Cup can bring.

    This is why players know that winning the World Cup is not just about 'winning', it is about bringing pride to your country and showing your supporters that they are not wasting their time cheering for your team.

    Because you are winning the competition that means the most to thousands of people in the world. This idea fueled the motivational of some of the greatest soccer players like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, as well as every World Cup team. Each and every one of them desires to lift that trophy and shout at the top of their lungs with so much triumph.

    This unique trophy as designed by Silvio Gazzinaga features two arms which according to him represents the team and the country "reaching out to receive the the stirring moment of victory."

    In an interview with The Independent this month, 1986 winner Julio Olarticoechea said that one of his abiding memories from that World Cup was actually right at the end, “Looking from a fair bit away, watching all the craziness like a spectator, and the beauty of it struck me… I realized what we’d done,” he said.

    This is what it means to be a world champion, in the true world sport. The moment you receive that victory, all the blood, sweat and tear will be worth it.

    In this year's World Cup, each nation has its own strengths. Spain has a great midfield quality and tactical variation. France has frightening pace amid their fearsome talent. Argentina has maybe the greatest player in Messi.

    Brazil has the most sophisticated coach in Tite. Germany is experienced for being the defending champions.

    All of these will create tension in 2018 FIFA World Cup that gives us more reason to witness it. It gives a hope that we will be moved with events that are monumental for the nations involved.

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