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  • The Best Players of 2016 Part 2

    September 02, 2016 2 min read

    There are so many great soccer players, and our soccer shop can help you show your love with authentic team jerseys.
    At Goal Kick Soccer, we understand your passion for soccer. It is the best game in the world, and there are many players that help to make it the best. When you shop our soccer store, you’ll find jerseys from all of the teams that the best footballers play for. In our previous blog, we talked about the top two footballers in the world, Messi and Ronaldo. Keep reading to learn about the rest of the world’s best soccer players:

    #3. Manuel Neur
    Many regard Neur as the best goalkeeper of all time, and he has held the IFFHS World’s Best Goalkeeper award for three years running. In 2014, he led Germany to victory in the FIFA World Cup. His cat-like reflexes, accurate ball control and jaw-dropping shot-stopping abilities make him one of Bayern Munich’s most exciting players. Get your Bayern Munich apparel here to show your love for Neur!

    #4. Paul Pogba
    Pogba is a central midfielder for Manchester United, and he is best known for being a player that is creative, powerful and skillful. Pogba has earned two nicknames, “Pogboom” and “Paul the Octopus.” “Pogboom” comes from the explosive style and energy that he brings to every game, and “Paul the Octopus” comes from his long legs that look like tentacles when he runs and tackles. Whether you love Pogba because of his speed, energy or creativity, show your support for Manchester United with an official jersey.

    Although we’ve touched on only a few of the best players in 2016, there are many incredible players out there. Proudly support your favorite teams and players with our huge selection of authentic jerseys.

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