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  • Title Race Review BPL

    January 19, 2015 2 min read

    Manchester City had the chance to stay with Chelsea close to the top of the league, but they had to play Arsenal.  The outcome didn't help City with there title run.  The first goal was a penalty kick, given up by the captain Vincent Kompany.  Most people will think that it's a soft foul, but none the less it was a foul inside the box.  It seemed like Arsenal was going to run away with it with there play in the first half.  City didn't have any chances on goal until the second half of the game.  Aguero was the one putting on the pressure, but couldn't capitalize on any of the chances that he had. While on the other end, Arsenal was able to finish a header by their forward Giroud.  It was a great win for Arsenal, while City just cannot keep the consistency that they need for the title.

    Chelsea had a bit easier time with their opponent.  Swansea City gave the game, it seemed to Chelsea.  When an errant pass goes Oscar right in front of the net with only one defender in front of him, usually he's going to win out.  He put Chelsea up 1-0 within a minute of the game.  When you pass the ball back to your keeper usually you look to find out if the opponents aren't there, but Swansea didn't do that on the third goal.  Diego Costa took a pass back to the keeper and made them pay for a 3-0 lead. It seemed like nothing could go wrong for Chelsea that game.  The score end up being 5-0.  Seems like they are going to run away with the league if they keep playing this way.

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