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  • Blatter Wins Again.

    May 29, 2015 2 min read

    FIFA had its election for presidency on Friday the 29th of May amid of all the allegations that FIFA is going through.  Blatter was expected to win by a landslide before all of this took place.  Blatter did everything he could after the US arrested some of the higher officials to sway the voters that he will change FIFA for the better.   The first vote of the ballet has to be a 2/3rds to one of the people running for president.  The first round of voting was totaled and the people in power told everyone that they need to have a second round of voting were the majority would win.  There were 209 different people voting, to get the 2/3rds you needed to win in the first round Blatter or Hussein would have need 140 votes.  Blatter only got 133 and Hussein got 73.  Many will ask how he got that many votes with all this corruption going on.    

    Well Hussein wanted to change the reputation of the game, which is good for the fans in the bigger countries, but not for the third world countries that are hoping that the kids have a field to play on at all.  This is where Blatter excels.  He promised the third world nations to better the playing area for all of these countries in Africa, the Caribbean and some parts of Asia.  Hussein saw the amount of votes that he got and knew that he would not be able to compete against Blatter.  Hussein then dropped out of the race against Blatter.  It’s a shame that Blatter was able to sway the third world countries the way that he has done.  I hope that someone is able to beat Blatter in the next election or someone needs to flip on Blatter.  We shall see if the sponsors keep supporting FIFA now that Blatter has won.

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