Adidas Soccer Pants

Get on the Field with Adidas Soccer Pants

A serious soccer player should always wear the right type of clothing for each game. We often neglect the significance of having the right sportswear, when in fact, it is a very crucial part of the sport. Poor-quality apparel can distract and prevent you from doing your best in the game. Proper sportswear can even prevent injuries and give you a leg up in the game.

Here at Goal Kick Soccer, we provide you with Adidas Soccer Pants—premium quality soccer pants that athletes trust.

    adidas Women's Tiro 21 Training Pants



    • Team Grey/White
    • Black/White
    • Navy Blue/White
    adidas Youth Tiro 21 Training Pants



    • Team Grey/White
    • Black / White
    • Navy Blue/White
    adidas Men's Tiro 21 Training Pants



    • Team Grey/White
    • Navy Blue/White
    • Black/White
    adidas Men's Z.N.E. Pants | GM6547



    • Medium Grey Heather
    adidas Youth Core 18 Sweat Pants | CV3957



    • dark grey heather/black

    Be fully equipped in the field with the Adidas Soccer Pants. These soccer pants will keep you warm and dry so you are ready for any type of weather. Whether for sports or for a comfortable casual wear, these pants will not disappoint you.

    When and Where to Wear them?

    Here are some instances where Adidas Soccer Pants can be your best friend on the field.


    Soccer pants are the proper clothing essential for soccer players. Your performance can be affected if you wear unsuitable clothes, that's why Adidas Soccer Pants are designed for athletes to keep them on track and to help them focus on the pitch.

    Its use of the latest fabric technology improves breathability as you move and run. The tapered leg is designed for you not to trip while practicing. We know that you would not want your pants to be the cause of your injury while doing your footwork. So invest in a proper and trusted gear that will make you train harder and smarter.

    Game on the Field

    Athletes know how much action there is when you play soccer on the field. You run, sprint and kick as much as you can. It's the actual game, you do everything you can to reach the goal and victory. You would not want your pants to hinder you from doing those actions, or to mentally distract you from the game because it is very uncomfortable.

    These Adidas pants offer flexibility and help reduce injuries for your every shot to the goal. They also have paddings on the knees that will give you protection in case of hard hits. These pants do not only help you win the game but also ensures your safety while you play.

    Outside the Field

    Who says these pants are exclusive for sports and athletes only? Adidas does not only consider flexibility, comfortability, and safety but also style.

    Its minimal yet stylish design makes people include them in their wardrobe. Not only that, but it has a slim fit design that we all know is fashionable nowadays. Because of its comfortable fabric, it can also be a casual pants for outside or even just for home. Top it with a hoodie, sweater or just a simple t-shirt.

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