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    SELECT Sport is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hand-sewn balls and produces approx. 3 million balls a year. 

    They have been the preferred match ball for the Danish national team for more than six decades. Chosen from the Club, Numero 10, Thor, and Brilliant Super Balls. Email or call our soccer ball experts today and find out which Select Soccer ball is right for your club, team or college.

    Select Match Balls

    This range of soccer balls is used for soccer matches played at top professional levels. This includes the Select Brilliant Super, the Select Super, and the Select Royale soccer balls. All these balls are used by top programs in their matches. 

    FIFA Quality Balls

    The FIFA Quality Programme for Footballs was introduced in 1996 to harmonize and improve the quality of footballs. FIFA Quality Pro is reserved for only the best standard of match balls available. FIFA Basic is the newest standard focusing on cost efficiency, durability, and safeguarding player safety.

    NFHS Approved Balls

    Balls used for High School soccer games must have the NFHS stamp on the ball. This stands for the National Federation of High Schools. This makes all the balls the same size, weight, roundness and pressure. At Goal Kick we have a number of Select Soccer Balls with the NFHS logo stamped. 

    NJCAA Approved Balls (2 year College)

    The Select Super NJCAA stamped ball, is the official ball of the NJCAA. Its a top class match ball made of high-quality Korean microfiber synthetic leather. Its also a FIFA-approved match ball and has a colorful design for improved visibility and faster player reactions. The zero wing bladder ensures a lively bounce and for better control and a straighter flight, there is a 32 hand-stitched panel. 

    NAIA Approved Balls

    The Select Brilliant Super Soccer ball is the official ball of the NAIA. Its our best soccer ball in high-quality materials with a new powerful and cutting-edge design that improves visibility. The new 3D diamond structure of the surface material ensures an even more stable trajectory, optimized friction between ball and foot, and the best grip for goalkeepers. All the Select Super balls also have Seam sealing technology for extra durable seams and reduced water uptake. 

    Select Training/Club Balls

    The legendary Numero 10 gets an upgraded cover with a new diamond texture for 2022. New balls are also released for the Blaze, Viking, Thor, and Diamond. All these balls are fantastic training balls and have excellent playability.  

    Futsal Balls

    The futsal ball is a low-bounce ball that is smaller than a normal outdoor soccer ball. Here is a link to our futsal balls

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