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  • We at Goal Kick Soccer believe that “the shoes don’t make the player, the player makes the shoe.” But while it’s true that there's no magic shoe that will make up for skills that aren’t there yet, if you’re serious about soccer, you still need to choose your shoes wisely.

    Famous players, like Messi, spend a lot of time training. They require soccer cleats that will look after their feet as they play, take the shock from the impact of the ball, and be light enough to put their skills to the test as well.

    You may not be Lionel Messi, but investing on a good pair of soccer shoes is still a must if you want your shoes--and feet--to withstand long hours of training. And it doesn't have to mean breaking the bank for your footwear. At Goal Kick Soccer, we bring you the best range at prices that are affordable, and often, we have items on sale at a fraction of the price of high street stores.

    What Type of Cleats Should I Buy?

    Soccer is played on different types of fields--soft muddy field, firm ground, artificial turfs--so most soccer shoes are designed with specific surfaces in mind. Knowing which type of soccer shoes fit your needs can help you perform at your best and even prevent injury.

    • Soft Muddy Field - Shoes made for soft fields are often made with aluminum-tipped or removable studs. A good trick to remember when shopping for soft ground cleats is to look for those with “SG” on the name, which stands for “Soft Ground.”
    • Firm Natural Grass Field - Firm Ground or FG soccer cleats have rubber studs that are either conical or bladed in shape, or some combination of both.
    • Dry Hard Ground or Artificial Grass - Shoes specifically designed for artificial turf and hard ground have much shorter studs. It also has a lot more studs to help distribute your weight and give you better support on hard ground.
    • Indoor Court - For this type of surface, you’ll need a pair with a flat rubber sole that can really grip on a polished floor. Indoor soccer shoes look very much like other sneakers, but it tends to be more lightweight.
    • Training Shoes - if you plan on playing professionally, or at least intend to compete, you need a separate pair of shoes for training. Training shoes are designed to withstand the wear and tear of regular, intensive soccer training. You will notice that they have a thicker rubber outsole, paired with excellent cushioning systems.

    Still scratching your head? If you want to learn more about choosing the right soccer shoes, read the full guide here.

    Choose From Our Featured Collections

    Whether you play for your high school team, local team or collegiate team, you deserve to wear the best soccer cleats you can get. But we know--especially if you're a first-time buyer--choosing from dozens of options can be overwhelming. So here are some of our customers' favorite collections to help you narrow down your options:

    Reasons to Purchase with Goal Kick Soccer

    At GoalKick Soccer, we want to help soccer enthusiasts worldwide to find the perfect soccer shoes for their needs. For a reasonable price, you can purchase a pair of soccer shoes that will last for years. So if you're a soccer player looking for the right pair of cleats--what are you still waiting for?

    Here are even more reasons to shop with us:

    • Quality - we only sell the best products from the top soccer shoe brands
    • Performance - our shoes are designed with professional players in mind
    • Experience - we are a team of trusted soccer experts who have been in business for decades--we know what we're talking about!
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