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Choose Between a Team and Player Jersey

Buying a jersey may be a difficult action. Really, it doesn’t matter who your favorite team is, you’ll have to decide between purchasing an overall authentic soccer team jersey and purchasing an official soccer jersey of your favorite soccer player. Regardless of what type of soccer jersey you decide is best for you, you’ll be able to support your favorite soccer team with a sweet and authentic soccer jersey you’ll wear for years to come.

    The official licensed soccer jerseys can be customized with your favorite player’s number and your name, making it a great gift for avid fans young and old, or treat yourself to a jersey with your favorite players name instead. There are so many different licensed soccer jerseys available that our customers are spoiled for choice, we even carry a variety of World Cup jerseys!

    What Type of Jersey Should You Buy?

    Soccer jerseys are the easiest sporting jerseys to pull off wearing any time of the year. Whether it’s soccer season or not, an authentic soccer jersey always looks good, especially if it's a World Cup jersey. If you’re searching for a jersey that is acceptable to wear year-round, we, at GoalKick Soccer, highly recommend purchasing an official soccer team jersey. You’ll be able to wear your official team jersey whenever you please without any scrutiny.

    Shop Fan Favorites

    At GoalKick Soccer, we want soccer fans worldwide to find the perfect official soccer jersey easily. For an affordable price, you can purchase an authentic soccer jersey that will last for years to come. Wear it to every game you go to, while watching every nail-biting game at home and whenever you please! Below, you find an assortment of our favored World Cup jerseys, official team jerseys and more. If you’re searching for specific jerseys, feel free to visit the following links to help narrow down your search:

    The jerseys are available in a range of sizes so a whole family of supporters can be kitted out in one place! Real fans know that only the genuine licensed article will do and won’t settle for any less but the original. You don’t have to pay over the odds for your jersey as we keep our prices as low as possible to keep customers coming back for more.

    Where To Wear Your Authentic Soccer Jersey

    Whether you’re buying a World Cup jersey, an authentic team jersey or a specific player jersey, you need to know where it’s acceptable wear. If you’re a soccer fanatic and purchase a jersey from GoalKick Soccer, here are the places we highly recommend you sport your new soccer jersey:

    • At a game (obviously!)
    • At your favorite sports bar while watching a game
    • At a sporting event party (ie: World Cup)
    • Halloween (just in case you don’t have a costume!)
    • To outdoor festivals/events
    • As everyday home-wear
    • At work when your job is to have a jersey-themed day