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    Storelli is a premium quality brand that is well-known in soccer gear. The company’s engineers are committed to designing performance layers that shield you from injuries, accelerate your moves and let you move with no worries. Many athletes all over the world trust Storelli and we at Goal Kick Soccer only give you brands that can help you improve your soccer experience.

    The Storelli Bodyshield Shirts feature innovative ChesTrap technology that is made to help players absorb shots that hit their chest, and reduce rebounds. It has antimicrobial foam treatment reduces the risk of bad odor and infections. It has moisture-wicking fabric provides comfort and breathability, which makes these bodyshield shirts a must-have for every player.

    Shin guards are an essential safety gear for soccer. They provide protection for your legs, which is the most common body part that gets injured during the game. The Storelli Shin Guards provide maximum impact protection for the legs, shins, and ankles. Pair it with the Storelli Gloves, which use the highest grade German latex that delivers the grip used by world-class professionals. Its Spiral Wrap wrist system includes a longer single strap that wrap twice around your wrist.

    We also offer the most protective and well-known Storelli Headgear. This will protect your head from cuts and bumps. You might think that wearing a headgear can be uncomfortable, but with this Storelli headgear, it is so comfortable and lightweight that you will forget you're even wearing one. Its design also makes it one of the most stylish headgears in the market.


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