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    May 01, 2015 2 min read

    Chelsea needs three points out of the last four games.  They play Crystal Palace at home, Liverpool at home, West Bromwich Albion away, and Sunderland at home.  Chelsea has been unstoppable at Stamford Bridge this year.  They have not lost a game, and the teams that they are playing have not beaten them during the season.  So most people would give Chelsea the trophy now since the hardest challenge from the remaining teams, so far, was Sunderland away, where they tied 0-0.  Given those statistics Chelsea will come out with at least four points, getting a draw in each of the games.  Everyone will call this Chelsea team boring if that happens because they weren’t able to win the title earlier by just winning against Palace this weekend.  Jose Mourinho says that his team hasn’t won anything yet.  They still have four games to play and if they underestimate their opponents then they will be doomed to lose the title to a surging Arsenal team.  Before the game on Wednesday April 29th, Kurt Zouma told the press that his team is playing the same, maybe a little bit more defensively, because everyone wants to beat the leaders.  Zouma knows that everyone wants to be on top of the league and the fans of everyone else’s team will be jealous.  He then added that his teammates and he would have to be focused on the task at hand winning the next two games; which they have won one on Wednesday against Leicester City 3-1.  Last year Palace was able to take points away from Chelsea; will they be able to do the same on Sunday?  How long will it take Chelsea to win the League?  You be the judge. 

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