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    May 04, 2015 3 min read

    Everyone said that Manchester City would battle Chelsea for the title of the Premier League and Manchester City did, until the African Cup of Nations happened.  Manchester City’s best player, Yaya Toure, went to play for his national team, which left a big gap at the center midfield position for Manchester City.   Manchester City just wasn’t able to keep up with Chelsea once Yaya left. 

    Arsenal has had the best chance to catch Chelsea, but they needed Chelsea to lose.  Chelsea just couldn’t do that.  They lost 2 games all season, both of the games being away from home.  How do you catch a team that just doesn’t seem to lose?  The answer is, you can’t.  People have been saying that Chelsea has been boring throughout this season, but they don’t remember the beginning part of the year when Chelsea was scoring whenever they thought about it.  The latter part of the year, yes, they have been a little boring, but that is because Chelsea has lost two of its offensive powers and has had to rely on an old man, Didier Drogba.  Chelsea has had to fight out wins and draws to keep the chance of winning the Premier League early, which I would have to say they have done brilliantly. 

    So, how has Chelsea won the title?  I would have to say that it is because of the people that Chelsea has brought in during the summer transfer window.  Nemanja Matic was brought back to Chelsea and has been playing great protecting the center of the defense.  Cesc Fabregas was brought in to do exactly what he did, be a play maker.  Fabregas has the most assists with three games left, and nobody will catch him in that aspect.  Diego Costa was a great bring in.  Costa had a great run at goals at the beginning of the season.  He could score at will, but he was battling an injuring the whole season.  Think about next year when he is completely healed.  Thibaut Courtois was taken back from loan and was a force between the pipes.  Petr Cech was a legend back there and Courtois seems like he will be the next legend in the making.  Filipe Luis and Loic Remy were brought in basically to be back-ups.  Remy did fairly well until he got injured and never recovered from it.  Luis stepped in when he needed to for Ivanovic and Azpilicueta when they needed a break or suspended.   These guys did great during the beginning part of the season, but Jose Mourinho thought the team needed a little more depth and brought in Kurt Zouma and Juan Cuadrado.  Both of these players came in to the team and helped in any way they could.  Zouma stepped in for Cahill when Cahill was not playing to the best of his ability.  Then Zouma was told that he had to take Matic’s position when Matic was suspended for a few games, which Zouma did a fantastic job.  Cuadrado wasn’t able to make as big of an impact as Zouma coming into the squad but he did a fantastic job with his pace.  Cuadrado will probably be used a little more next season after getting use to the Premier league. 

    Chelsea are the winners of the Premier League with 3 games left to play.  Congratulations to every one of the Chelsea players.  Get ready for next season because everyone will be gunning for you. 


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