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  • Farewell to a Star!

    May 14, 2015 1 min read

    The last game for a hero of a club, Steven Gerrard, will be played against Crystal Palace.  This will be the last time he puts on the red jersey for the club he made his debut win on November 29, 1998.  Gerrard wants to go out on a good note, by giving the fans a win.  He knows there will be a lot of emotion going into the game, but he wants to keep all that emotion bottled in until after all the games are done.  He knows that if he is faced with questions before the game, he will break down and show more emotion than he wants.    Gerrard will have to think about everything that has happened to him since he was eight years old joining Liverpool.  That is a long time for anyone player to be at a club.  Most players would have retired at the end of a career like that, but Gerrard says he can still play and help another Los Angeles Galaxy to compete for some trophies.  With Robbie Keane as his teammate with the Galaxy we will see how this partnership will work.  Keane and Donavan worked great together and the Galaxy won lots of games and trophies since Keane came over.  Now let’s see if Gerrard can match or do better than Donavan. 

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