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  • October 17, 2023 5 min read

    If you've ever wanted to level up your soccer game, you're in the right place. Every athlete knows that while talent and dedication are paramount, the tools you train with can make a significant difference.

    Just as a chef needs the right set of knives, a soccer player's potential can be further unlocked with the proper gear. An essential part of mastering the sport is not only about honing your skills but also having the right equipment tailored to your training needs.

    This  soccer training equipment list aims to guide players and coaches alike, offering insights into tools that can enhance performance and ensure more efficient practices.

    Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, there's always room for improvement. And with the right tools in hand, the journey to soccer excellence becomes clearer and more achievable.

    Ready to dive in?

    1. Essential Soccer Training Equipment

    There’s some equipment that’s negotiable, and there’s some that’s essential. Here are the basic pieces of equipment you’ll need for any soccer training course:

    A. Balls

    You can't play soccer without a ball, right? There are  soccer balls of various sizes, and each serves a distinct purpose.  For younger players, a smaller size ball aids in better control. For adults, the regulation size (Size 5) is a must.

    Remember, a durable and quality ball doesn't just enhance the game; it lasts longer and provides a consistent feel.

    B. Cones and Markers

    These are the unsung heroes in any  soccer training equipment list. Whether you're working on your dribbling, agility, or positioning, cones are indispensable.

    Soccer training equipment list - soccer cones

    You can opt for a variety of  soccer cones - flat cones for agility drills or tall cones for marking out larger areas. The beauty of these tools is their flexibility - rearrange them, and you've got a new drill ready to go!

    C. Goal Nets

    The ultimate goal of soccer is scoring! Shooting at any target is enjoyable, but there's something special about sending a ball into a proper net. Full-size  soccer goal nets simulate game situations, while pop-up and mini-goals work just as well for  focused practice in smaller venues.

    D. Training Bibs/Vests

    Ever tried running a team drill without these? It’s pure chaos! Training bibs or vests are color-coded tops players wear over their kits.  They're especially handy during scrimmages, helping players quickly identify team members.

    2. Advanced Training Equipment

    For those more advanced in the field, more advanced training equipment is mandatory. Here’s what we recommend:

    A. Rebounders and Walls

    Solo practice? No problems. Players can improve their passing, shooting, and first touch by using rebounders.  These devices are made to return the ball, and they provide a wonderful way to hone those essential skills. If you don't have one, a strong wall can also be really helpful!

    B. Agility Ladders and Hurdles

    Speed and agility can set great players apart from good ones. Agility ladders lay flat on the ground and come with various compartments,  allowing players to work on foot speed and coordination.

    Add hurdles to the mix, and you're training not just your feet but your entire lower body for those explosive movements.

    C. Soccer Training Mannequins

    Imagine trying to perfect that free-kick but having no wall to practice against. Enter soccer training mannequins.  They stand tall and mimic real players, helping you fine-tune those set pieces. Moreover, they can be utilized in various drills to simulate real-game situations.

    Whether it's dribbling around a defender or setting up tactical plays, these mannequins are game-changers.

    D. Ball Return Systems

    Consistency is key, especially when working on your shooting technique. Ball return systems send the ball right back, enabling you to take shot after shot without wasting time fetching the ball. The repetition helps in muscle memory,  ensuring that your shots are accurate and powerful every single time.

    3. Goalkeeper-Specific Equipment

    We can’t forget about goalies! They keep our nets safe, and that’s crucial in a game of soccer. Here’s what a goalkeeper needs in order to have a fulfilling training experience:

    A. Goalkeeper Gloves

    A goalkeeper's best friend! These gloves aren’t just about grip;  they provide protection against hard shots. Modern gloves come with finger spines to prevent hyperextension, ensuring the safety of the keeper's hands.

    Soccer training equipment list - goalkeeper gloves

    Every shot-stopper knows the importance of a pair of reliable gloves in their arsenal.

    B. Diving Mats

    Goalkeeping can be a rough job. Diving mats provide a cushioned surface, enabling goalkeepers to practice their dives without the fear of injury.  Not only do these mats promote safety, but they also boost confidence, knowing there’s a soft landing waiting.

    C. Reaction Balls

    The split-second decisions made by goalkeepers often make the difference between a win and a loss.  Reaction balls are designed to bounce unpredictably, enhancing a goalkeeper’s reflexes and reaction time. It's all about expecting the unexpected with these quirky balls!

    4. Recovery and Maintenance Equipment

    Recovery is crucial. Without it, all efforts are rendered useless. Here’s what we see as essential recovery and maintenance equipment for soccer players:

    A. Foam Rollers

    Played hard and now feeling the burn? Foam rollers are a boon. By targeting sore muscles and increasing flexibility, they assist in faster recovery.   Just a few minutes post-training can work wonders for muscle tightness.

    B. Pump and Pressure Gauge

    It might seem trivial, but playing with an under or over-inflated ball can mess with your game.   Regularly checking the ball's pressure ensures optimal performance. Keep a pump and pressure gauge handy, and you'll never have to worry about a deflated session!

    C. Repair Kits

    Accidents happen. Balls get punctured. Instead of discarding them,  a simple repair kit can give them a second life. A patch here, some glue there, and your ball is back in action!

    5. Wearable Tech for Training

    Bringing your A-game to another level can seem challenging from time to time. But, if you use these wearable tech trackers and utility tools, it will be easier than it seemed.

    A. GPS Trackers

    Soccer isn't just about skills; it's about strategy and stamina. GPS trackers monitor player movements, providing insights on areas covered, speed, and more.  Analyzing this data helps players and coaches understand where improvements can be made.

    B. Heart Rate Monitors

    Training too easy? Or pushing too hard? Heart rate monitors provide real-time feedback on the intensity of a session.

    Soccer training equipment list - heart rate monitor

    By staying in the desired heart rate zone, players ensure they're getting the most out of their workout without overexerting.

    C. Smart Cones

    Technology meets training. Smart cones are not your ordinary markers.  They light up and challenge players to respond quickly, enhancing both speed and decision-making.


    With this dive into our  soccer training equipment list, you're already better equipped to elevate your training.

    Knowing what you need is the first step to being properly equipped. So, following this list, you should expand your equipment for training soccer, and you’re bound to notice improvements almost instantly!

    In case you’re looking to shop online and get the best training equipment without spending a fortune, check out  our shop, and get all you need in one place!


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