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  • Video Assistant Referee(VAR) in Soccer

    June 23, 2017 2 min read


     What is VAR

    VAR is a video assistant referee that is intended to help the referee make close or controversial calls that could affect the game. VAR is currently being tested during The Confederation Cup 2017 in Russia and is raising a few eyebrows. VAR is similar to what the NFL uses with their review plays, but there are a few differences in soccer. Coaches can’t challenge a play, so everything is up to the referee to see if they want to review the play or not. They first review  it upstairs and they let the referee on the field know, but if the referee is still not sure he has the right call he has to stop the game and go review the play for himself. These reviews are only allowed in four areas: penalties, red cards that are given or not given, goals scored, and mistaken identities. VAR was designed to make the game a little more fair and prevent bad calls from determining the end result of a game. But, even if VAR makes the game more fair, is it really making the game better?

    Pros of VAR

    The biggest pro about VAR is that it will make the game fair and games won’t be decided by a bad call. That’s soccer number one flaw, is that one call can change a whole game. VAR would prevent all of this from happening. It would make sure that everybody gets the call they deserve. This is a big deal, especially in very important games, because there’s nothing worse than to have a referee’s call decide a game. As soccer fans this is what we’ve been waiting for so the game can be fairer and the playing will be what decides the game not a referee call. At the same time, is it really what we want because it looks like it is changing the game a little too much.

    Cons of VAR

    The problem with VAR is that it seems like it is changing the game a lot more than what people thought it was going to change. One of the beautiful parts of soccer and what separates soccer from other sports, is the fact that it is nonstop. However, VAR could change this in a very big way. This means that the game could be stopped for long periods of time and often this can really affect the game in a negative way. Also, there’s nothing more beautiful than celebrating when your team scores. This is one of the best feelings for a soccer fans. But, this could be taken away by VAR. Why? Because now everybody will have to wait until the goal is reviewed in order to celebrate. VAR can be good, but it can also change the game too much. In the end, it is hard to decide if it is good or bad for the game. What do you think about VAR? Do you like it, or do you think it is changing the game too much?



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