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Players that make you love the game: Jay-Jay Okocha

February 10, 2015 1 min read

Jay-Jay Okocha, so good they named him twice. 
It was the summer of 2002, and I had just developed a true love & passion for the game.  The World Cup was held in Korea/Japan, meaning the games were broadcast at odd hours in the morning.  Being 17 years old, I was able to adjust my schedule to wake up at 3AM and watch most of the matches.  It was June 2nd, Argentina squares off against Nigeria.  I had known most of the Argentine players from the FIFA video game.  Names as Verone, Batistuta, Ortega, Lopez all were on the pitch.  But, it was a player from Nigeria that captured my attentions.  Jay-Jay Okocha was running the show from his midfield spot.  With his stepovers, flicks, tricks, and a cannon of a shot he was the first player I had ever been in awe of their ability.  Argentina ended up winning the match 1 -0, but I had found my first favorite player.
Later Becks, see ya Keano! (excuse the poor quality gif please)


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