The New Nemeziz Cleats and the Tango Shoe

June 13, 2017 2 min read

The Nemeziz design

Adidas just came out with their new line of soccer cleats, Nemeziz. They also released the Nemeziz Tango, which is the everyday use shoe version of the soccer cleats. The Nemeziz features new innovations from Adidas. The design is specific for the “agile creators”, i.e. the people that like playing with the ball close to their feet. These new cleats are perfect for those who like to create space between themselves and their opponents. The design was inspired by the process of taping parts of the body for increased physical and mental strength.

The New Technology Behind the new design

There are three main components of this great design to help you improve your game. The first component is the ANGILITYBANDAGE, which is made out TORSIONTAPES technology that locks the foot and provides the ultimate fit. It also has a dual lock collar that secures the ankle, which helps with explosive changes of directions. The second component is the TORSIONFRAME outsole with an ultra-lightweight construction, which is the key for agile movement. The third component is the new AGILITYKNIT 2.0 interlocking yarn structure that provides a soft direct touch and a lightweight adaptable feel.

How does Nemeziz help Improve your Game?

If you are player that loves cutting and leaving your opponent in the dust this is definitely the cleat for you. When it comes to one on one touch with the ball, no other can compare with the Nemeziz. Nemeziz cleats help make you one with the ball. Therefore, it is easier for soccer players that enjoy being creative with the ball to unleash their creative genius. The possibilities with this new technology are endless, and it will only improve your game. Be the best you can be!

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