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  • June 04, 2022 4 min read

    Qatar 2022 is getting closer and everything that has to do with the most popular sports festival in the world is fully entering our homes to invade all spaces. The flags, the shirts of the National Team, the World Cup party favors, the desire to renew the television, and, of course, the presentation of the 2022 World Cup ball. Inspired by Qatari culture, Al Rihla is here to fly.

    The 2022 World Cup ball is surrounded by symbols and crossed by Qatari culture. Al Rihla means "The Journey" in Arabic and its design is inspired by the architecture of the region, the iconic boats, and the flag of Qatar, the host of the biggest sporting event of the year.

    The official soccer ball of the World Cup Qatar 2022

    End of the mystery. With unprecedented speed, this Wednesday the Qatar 2022 World Cup ball was presented to society. Designed by Adidas, the great protagonist of the tournament to be played in the Middle East will be Al Rihla. According to the manufacturers, it is designed to meet the highest demands of high-performance sport and travels faster in the air than any other ball from previous world cups.

    The Qatar World Cup ball has white as the main color and is accompanied by different multicolored lines. "Football is being played fast and fast, and as it speeds up, exactness and security of the ball in the air become basic. The new plan permits the ball to keep up with rapid all through its direction."

    For the world's greatest brandishing field, we set off to drastically advance and make the incomprehensible conceivable with the quickest and most exact World Cup ball at any point made," saying of Franziska Loeffelmann, Design Director Football Sportswear and Prints of the brand with the three stripes, which has already designed 14 World Cup balls.

    World Cup 2022 Ball: Innovative Design

    As Adidas explains, the Al Rihla was designed from the inside out using data and rigorous testing conducted in Adidas labs, wind tunnels, and on pitches. Technology is at the heart of the new ball. Al Rihla offers the highest level of precision and reliability on the pitch due, in part, to its new panel structure and surface textures.

    The strong, lively varieties and prints on a pearlescent foundation are enlivened by Qatari culture and the steadily expanding speed of football, with a speed that uncovers the variety range to excite both players and fans around the world at all times. The levels of the sport specify the manufacturers.

    That ball, which before its release was subjected to extensive testing to ensure it meets the needs of the best players in the world and incorporates new technology to maximize performance.


    It provides speed, accuracy, and consistency in the most intense matches, while maintaining maximum form, air, and rebound accuracy.


    A textured polyurethane leather with an innovative 20-panel shape that improves the ball's accuracy, stability, and rotation in the air thanks to macro- and micro-textures, as well as the counter-relief of the surface.

    The ball will be presented in ten cities around the world, including Dubai, Tokyo, Mexico City, and New York, where Adidas is preparing for a series of initiatives to generate access and equality in sport in local communities.

    On the other hand, the Al Rihla joins other balls that were iconic in previous World Cups, such as the Azteca from the 1986 World Cup in Mexico, the Etrusco Unico from Italy 90. Also the remembered +Teamgeist from Germany 2006, the Jo'bulani from South Africa 2010, the Brazuca from Brazil 2014 and the Telsar 18 from the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

    The Environment And Solidarity Of Al Rihla,

    Al Rihla is the first World Cup ball made solely with water-based inks and glues, making it more environmentally friendly. In addition, 1% of Al Rihla's net sales will support the Common Goal movement.

    The balls used for the World Cup are completely renewed every four years. Some are taken up and updated from the previous edition, while others live a true mutation.

    In total, 22 different ball designs have been used since the first World Cup was held in Uruguay in 1930. The Adidas era began with the introduction of the classic Telstar ball at the 1970 World Cup in Mexico.

    “At Adidas, we believe that sport belongs to all of us, which is why we have been committed and active in improving access and equity for our global community of footballers. As part of this commitment, Al Rihla will support local communities as they travel around the world with activities designed to create a lasting impact on football at the grassroots and all levels. Together, we use football as a vehicle to drive social change and have a significant effect on youngsters" said Nick Craggs, General Manager of Adidas Football.

    The Business Of Adidas Balls

    The German sportswear company has been an official sponsor of the World Cup since 1978. Its close relationship with FIFA has brought good results. During the 2014 and 2018 World Cups, Adidas reported an increase in sales of around 12%. The above, in terms of numbers, translates into just over 1,300 million dollars according to Reuters. Although the sale of balls contributes a lot, the uniforms of the teams that Adidas wears help that percentage more.

    As for the total number of balls produced, it is difficult to know exactly. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, in Brazil in 2014 Adidas sold nearly 14 million Brazuca balls. However, there are no figures from the company about the number of World Cup balls sold. Adidas brings out 2 editions for fans: the replica, and the original. The Al Rihla replica will be worth around $800.

    On the other hand, the original ball will cost $4,099. The difference between the 2 models will be the texture of the ball and the material from which it is made. You can buy online these balls, Adidas Al Rihla Pro Winter Soccer Ball, Adidas Rihla League Soccer Ball With Box and Adidas Rihla Pro Soccer Ball.

    Where To Purchase The World Cup Ball 2022?

    The official presentations of Al Rihla in all over the world will occur on different days. But don’t worry, you can also purchase the World Cup ball from here.

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