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  • July 05, 2023 5 min read 1 Comment

    The goalkeeper has a unique role to play on any team. They’re the team’s last line of defense, and if they miss their chance, there’s no one left to make a save. 

    As such, if you’re in the goalkeeper position, you have a lot of weight on your shoulders, and you need to be able to meet the needs of your team at any given moment. That means you need equipment that can keep up. 

    The most important equipment you have at your disposal is your cleats. If they’re not matched to the surface you’re on, or they’re not made properly to maximize every movement you make, you can end up missing that game-breaking block and cost your team everything. 

    Today, our team is going to list the best cleats for goalkeepers, whether it’s for men, women, or youth soccer players, for both turf and firm ground to point you in the right direction and help you step your game up.

    Let’s dive right in! 

    The Best Men’s Cleats

    You need cleats that are going to maximize your performance, remain comfortable, and grip the playing surface perfectly if you’re going to protect the goal on your men’s soccer team. 

    Here are two options, one for each playing surface, that are guaranteed to help you boost your performance without your footwear getting in the way. 

    1: Puma King: Firm or Artificial Ground

    The Puma King is an amazing dual-surface footwear option that gives you top quality and exceptional flexibility

    They’re made from 60% recycled materials to minimize their environmental impact without sacrificing quality and longevity, and their slick outward appearance is sure to look great with practically any team uniform. Being one of Puma’s top-tier footwear options, they also feature the signature feel and quality construction that Puma is known for

    However, it’s the outsole of the Puma King that makes it stand out. You can use them on firm ground or artificial turf. If you play on a variety of fields, this shoe can go with you anywhere, and you won’t need to take your shoe choice into consideration.

    Of course, you pay for that flexibility, too. Instead of needing two shoes in the $100 range, you can get away with one pair in the $200 area. 

    However, the length of the King’s spikes is fairly aggressive, and that can make them slightly more suitable for firm ground. The difference is minor, and the ability to switch over to artificial turf without suffering any major consequences is a major value. Especially for when you practice at home, on a public field, etc., but you’re forced to play on turf and with turf shoes on game night. 

    2: Adidas X SpeedPortal 3: Artificial Turf

    If you want a dedicated shoe for artificial turf, the Adidas X SpeedPortal 3 is your go-to option. It’s a unisex design. So, it’s going to work for any of our readers, and it’s cost-effective. At $85 per pair and built to be as rugged as possible, these cleats are of tremendous value

    Standout features include a mesh body that allows for breathability and short conical spikes that are perfect for digging into turf without destroying it or getting stuck. 

    Best Women’s Cleats

    In women’s soccer, you need the same high-quality standards as the men’s teams but form-fitted to match a more feminine athletic foot structure, and we have two of the top options for both firm ground and artificial turf.


    A female goalkeeper wearing the best cleats for goalkeepers

    1: Adidas X SpeedPortal 3: Firm Ground Versions

    This is practically the same cleat as we highlighted in the men’s footwear section. After all, the X SpeedPortal line is considered one of the best cleats for goalkeepers, and it’s unisex. However, this cleat is specifically made to handle the rigorous firm ground play surfaces that can tear up cleats made for artificial turf. 

    They feature the same features for the most part. You get a mesh upper body that is both lightweight and breathable to ensure the shoe conforms to your foot and keeps you comfortable throughout the game, and the design is extremely lightweight, so every ounce of your strength can go into your movement instead of lugging heavy shoes around. 

    The difference is in the conical spikes. They’re longer, firmer, and meant to dig into the dirt without slipping, getting stuck, or otherwise ruining the perfect play. 

    2: Adidas Copa Pure 3: Artificial Turf

    Quilted leather, sleek black dye, and a comfortable U-neck that allows for quick entry that doesn’t slip off are all key aspects of the Copa Pure 3 for artificial turf. They’re soft and comfortable to make sure you’re not fighting discomfort while trying to focus on the ball, but they’re rugged enough to ensure they last ages without needing repairs or replacements. 

    The Copa Pure is a classy, comfortable cleat with short conical spikes, and as long as you’re playing on artificial turf, it’ll serve you well. 

    Also, adidas Copa cleats a unisex shoe. So, while you’ll often find it in the women's listings, any men out there who want a quilted leather shoe that boasts high-performance levels are more than capable of enjoying the Copa 3. At $80, it's also not a tremendous expense for such a performance. 

    Best Youth Cleats

    With kids' soccer cleats, there are a couple of things you have to consider that you don’t have to do with adults. First, their feet are still growing. Buying two pairs of high-end cleats every time they bump up in shoe size is financially draining, and letting them wear poorly fit shoes so they last longer not only hinders their performance but hinders their long-term foot health, too.


    A child goalkeeper wearing the best cleats for goalkeepers

    So, we’ve chosen the best dual-surface cleat to help your kid get the most out of their cleats at a reasonable price

    Puma Youth Future Play: Firm Ground and Artificial Ground Combo

    The Puma Youth Future Play is a high-performing shoe at a price you’ll love, and it allows for dual-surface play.

    The Future Play is made from a synthetic material with soft mesh areas on the upper for breathability, and the synthetic upper has allowed for engineered texturing at key points to help your child get a better grip on the ball.

    The spikes on these Puma soccer cleats are designed for artificial and natural ground play, and the Puma Dynamic Motion System outsole ensures your child can move naturally and effectively. 

    At just $60 for a dual-surface shoe, this also isn’t a tremendous expense, and it can help boost your child’s performance long-term.


    Regardless of your age or gender, getting quality cleats is of tremendous importance. We’ve presented you with the list of best cleats for goalkeepers, so you can guard the net as best as you can!

    If you’re looking to buy any of these cleats or get any soccer apparel or gear, visit our website, and you’ll find everything you’re looking for there!

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